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Gorilla Silverback ATV Tires - UTV Tires


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The Gorilla Silverback ATV tires are MASSIVE!! 32" Silverback tires are the largest and most aggressive ATV tires on the market! 6-ply rating. The deepest tread available on an ATV tire. Lug wraps all the way to the bead. Self cleaning tread. Most advanced tread design. Gorilla Axle logo embossed on sidewall.  27" are 1.5" Lug, 28" are 1.75" Lug,  30" are 2" Lug, and 32" are 2.5" Lug Depth.


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Silverback Tire & Wheel Kits


Note: Modifications will need to be made to your ATV/UTV to accommodate these tires. The consumer assumes all responsibility when installing and using these tires.


KG Motorcycle has a No Return policy on this tire line.


Part No.


Single Tires (ea.) are in White

Complete Set of 4 tires are in yellow

G560500 Gorilla Silverback 27x10.00-12  6Ply $199.38 ea. Add to Cart
G560501 Gorilla Silverback 27x12.00-12  6Ply $208.99 ea. Add to Cart

Set Special - Save on a set of 4 tires

2 ea. 27x10.00-12 & 2 ea. 27x12.00-12

$716.74 Set Add to Cart

4 ea. 27x10.00-12

$697.52 Set Add to Cart
G560512 Gorilla Silverback 28x10.00-12  6Ply $207.60 ea. Add to Cart
G560513 Gorilla Silverback 28x12.00-12  6Ply $218.70 ea. Add to Cart

Set Special - Save on a set of 4 tires

2 ea. 28x10.00-12 & 2 ea. 28x12.00-12

$752.60 Set Add to Cart

4 ea. 28x10.00-12

$730.40 Set Add to Cart
G560536 Gorilla Silverback 30x10.00-12  6Ply $220.89 ea. Add to Cart

Set Special - Save on a set of 4 tires

4 ea. 30x10.00-12

$783.56 Set Add to Cart
G560524 Gorilla Silverback 30x9.00-14  6Ply $204.46 ea. Add to Cart
G560525 Gorilla Silverback 30x11.00-14  6Ply $238.40 ea. Add to Cart

Set Special - Save on a set of 4 tires

2 ea. 30x9.00-14 & 2 ea. 30x11.00-14

$785.72 Set Add to Cart

4 ea. 30x9.00-14

$717.84 Set Add to Cart

4 ea. 30x11.00-14

$798.60 Set Add to Cart
G560486 Gorilla Silverback 32x10.00-14  6Ply $286.09 ea. Add to Cart

Set Special - Save on a set of 4 tires

4 ea. 32x10.00-14

$1044.36 Set Add to Cart



KG is a dealer carrying Gorilla Silverback ATV Tires at discount prices.  KG carries tires for Yamaha, Kawasaki, Honda, Suzuki, Polaris, Can Am, Arctic Cat and many others. We also feature items like YUASA Batteries, EBC Brake Pads and K&N Air Filters. We feature tires for many different applications including motocross, street, dirt, enduro/dual sport and sand. No matter what design or style of tread you need, you can contact us for availability at the link below. We offer fast shipping via UPS & Fed Ex, and free ground shipping on orders over $100.00. friendly customer service support. We strive to provide customers top quality products, at discount prices while providing outstanding service along with the fastest shipping possible. In the event the products are not in stock, or will not be available within two days, we will notify the customer immediately to discuss options or cancellation of order.  We will not, under any circumstances, place a customer on backorder without first notifying them 

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KG Motorcycle Tires & Accessories sells brand new tires only.  Absolutely no blemished and no used tires.  Thousands of Motorcycle tires, ATV tires, Specialty tires, and Inner Tubes in stock & ready to ship